Not So New Year

Hello I’m back faster then flash this time(not really). If you’re wondering why…im out of town with nothing to do when my cousins fall asleep(they are really young and cute). So blog!

Going back to new year day of 2011 in a word sucked…cause I stayed home(I’m a party beast so staying home is like bleugh) cause I was watching the match hoping United would win but we lost and I lost all mood to party….
2012 I was tired out of my mind and so I fell asleep…
2013 I can’t do anything except listen to music on my own…:(
So you see not much of a difference or in this case anything new.
But I won’t complain I had tons of fun with my cousins!

Anyways hope you’ll have a good 2014
My new year resolution- do what I want and overtake any obstacle that comes in my way(so no plan technically).
See you guys post 2014



So Much To Do

Hello everybody I’m back(earlier this time) even though I’m not home I’m blogging,modern tech for the win!

Anyways coming to the topic,there are always many things that a person wants to do ranging from driving the worlds fastest car to eating the worlds spiciest chillies! Everyone wants to experience many things.

For me I want football to take me to see the world in my own little way! By playing abroad I want to be able to road trip around Europe and take a motor bike and ride it from coast to coast in the USA. I want to go bungee jumping and sky diving! I want to scale the alps and dive as deep in the blue ocean. Biking across the Grand Canyon and standing in a cage surrounded by sharks.

There is so much I want to experience and my dream is that one day football will make this happen(obviously the greatest ride of them of all would be to play football in a pro league) but there’s so little time :(.

Hopefully there will be a day(soon) in which I won’t have to bother about studies or anything in the world and do as I feel like!

Leave a comment saying what you would like to experience!

As always,

Ps- Y & A please don’t pick out my grammatical mistakes again. I know I make them but they don’t bother me.


Hello everybody!
I’m back finally I know it’s been long!(busy sorry).Lots of things going on! Getting on to the topic…
We all have days when we feel like the universe is just plotting against you and let’s just say off late, the same is happening with me and believe me when I say telling other people helps! So this is me we’ll blogging about it…

The thing with the universe is the most magical things in the world are also the worst things but it’s up to one to decide what they want the thing to be! I guess I was to late in realising but that’s besides the point! It is all behind me(I hope).

Now you’ll must be wondering what I’m talking about? Well I’m not so ready to share it as yet(sorry) but I’ve learnt one lesson! What has happened has happened what now matters is if you can rise above that!

As Harvey Dent says-“the night is darkest before dawn”

The greatest experience and memory of life will be the will power and effort put into picking yourself up when the universe puts everything against you and standing face to face with it and saying “You shall not pass!”

This might help might not help but in any case helps me in sharing sooo…
Thank you for reading:),

Ps-don’t mind my grammar I’m not good with all this (A & Y):P

The Beginning


Who am I? For short 07,an average teenager with the usual up’s and down’s.A teenager with a passion greater than love for a wonderful way of life known as FOOTBALL! As for the team my soul belongs to,Manchester United. Ahh so very cliche one might say,but for me the Red Devils are more than just a team.They inspired all my beliefs and dreams till day and brought me into football.Their values are one that are the very roots of my life today.As for my other interests, I love video games!

So why blog? As every teen has a lot to share that one usually cant and as all my teachers say writing is the best way to express ones self,in this case typing(lame i know).I’ve always wanted to blog but have been very shy but as you can see or read i’m getting over it.

My code of life-Enjoy and Experience every moment of it! Love,Cry,Laugh,Party,Believe,Work Hard,do everything you can and love cause you got only one shot at life and so for me a blog would be a whole new experience!

A great man(no idea who) once said ‘Don’t just live life,celebrate it’

Till The Next time,


PS-A special thanks to my friends(M and A ) for inspiring me to get over my shyness and to actually start a blog.